Some neat covers

I love a good cover so I figured why not share some of my current favorites.


Starting with one of my favorite discoveries from last year Steve ‘n’ Seagulls are a Finnish cover band whose style I love. They turned a punk rock song to bluegrass with great success. I love hearing covers that are completely different from the original song and this one definitely is. I actually like this more than the original but their style might not be for you.

If that’s the case maybe you’ll enjoy this one…

Sticking with Finnish bands but essentially making a U-turn in terms of cover style. Pop songs turned into metal are a rare treat and even more rarely do they sound this good. I had no idea I needed a metal version of Oops I did it again before hearing this but holy cow do I love it. I’m honestly not too familiar with Children of Bodom but I’ve tried getting into them after hearing this masterpiece.


This might be my favorite of the bunch. A super chill kalimba version of a pop-punk song with a cute dog in the video too, unfortunately it’s only 50 seconds long.


The original version of this is probably the only Justin Bieber song I like and this high-energy rock version is even better. This guy has a bunch of great covers, mashups and such on his channel so if you like this one I’d suggest checking it out.


Memes, right. Love ’em or hate ’em they pretty often touch on music. I’m not a huge fan of the 7000 different meme versions of a song, but using dog barks to recreate Feel Good Inc.? That I can get behind.


It was pretty difficult to pick this song, I knew I wanted to show a Luna cover but didn’t know which one. Kind of wanted to go with Feel Good Inc. but you probably know why I didn’t.


Okay so this is a medley and not a cover per se but it’s amazing anyway. I love video games and video game music so I couldn’t not include it. It’s pretty long but it’s definitely worth watching.


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