A Day To Remember – Paranoia

I’m not the greatest at staying on top of new releases by even my favorite artists but in 2016 I did a bit better job than usual. While A Day To Remember doesn’t make my list of favorite artists I like them enough to give their new stuff a listen when they release it.

I heard this song in November, two months after the album’s release, and it without a doubt makes my top five songs from last year, possibly top three. My friends know just how addicted I was to this song, the day after hearing it for the first time I got told to shut up a few times because the chorus is so amazing I couldn’t stop singing it. Ironically there’s a part which goes “and no matter what you do about it, I’m still in your head”, I had no idea the song was self aware. The whole song is super energetic which makes it perfect for days you want to get stuff done, although there is a slight risk of it derailing your day by being the only thing you can think of. 

The music video for the song is pretty cool and I also really like their album covers, especially homesick and bad vibrations, you could hang those on your wall.

A Day To Remember – Paranoia


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