Monthly music, February 2017

The shortest month of the year is over and done with and I’m excited to see what I’ve been listening to. Let’s get to it!

Total plays

2,272, with an average of 81 per day which is roughly 148 hours, using last week’s 474 songs which totaled 31 hours. That’s about six days, six days out of the 28 in February. Now I’ll have to admit I was sleeping during about five of those hours but nonetheless it’s a lot of music. It’s also 20% more than last month (1,889) but that’s largely because I hadn’t realized you had to connect desktop Spotify and the mobile app individually so I lost most of my desktop plays to the void last month.


525 different artists in total, 234 of those were ones that I only listened to once last month. I’m not sure what to take away from that fact. Anyway these are the five I listened to most and how many times exactly:

1. Arctic Monkeys – 101

2. Jeff Williams – 68

3. In Flames – 60

4. Ghost  – 59

4. Royal Republic – 59

Not at all surprised to see the top two, they’re well represented in most of my playlists but after that it gets close. In Flames narrowly maintained their spot as the third most popular band but two other Swedish bands were just one play away from getting there. Ghost almost doubled the plays from January and while Muse got almost as many plays as in January they dropped three positions.


I listened to 956 different tracks last month, here’s the top five with some sort of an explanation as to why I listened to it that often.

1. Papa Roach – She Loves Me Not, 20 plays. It’s songs like these why I listen to Spotify’s suggestions to me every week. It’s not like 100% of their suggestions are great, or 50% for that matter, but almost weekly there’s at least a few songs worth saving and a couple each month that are just amazing, this being a prime example of that.

1. The Front Bottoms – Twin Size Mattress, 20 plays. This one is an interesting story… We all know of tinder and the general purpose of the app. What you may not know is that you can link Spotify to your profile and pick songs and bands to display on your profile. Well I tend to pay attention to those songs and a person on there had this song as their ‘anthem’ and I kinda fell in love with the song. Great music is everywhere if you just keep your ears open.

3. Renee Elise Goldsberry – Satisfied, 19 plays. This is an interesting one, it’s a song from Hamilton (the play you definitely should’ve heard of) and I’m not sure why this happened now. I have a few Hamilton songs in my regular circulation and I do like to add this to my up next list whenever it feels appropriate but I was under the impression that the biggest Hamilton obsession was more of a January thing for me. Guess I was wrong. I do have to mention specifically just how much I love the ‘to the groom’ and ‘to the bride’ chants at the beginning and end of the song, so very singable even when you’re somewhere where you probably shouldn’t sing, like public places in my case.

4. Zico Chain – Mercury Gift, 17 plays. Another example of great songs I discovered through Spotify’s suggestions. I’m kind of in the middle of obsessing over this song and I’m planning on listening this to a whole bunch this week. Might also check out other songs by the bands because this one is a gooden.

5. FamilyJules – Dance For Your Life, 16 plays. I’m a big fan of FamilyJules and the game crypt of the necrodancer. Jules has a metal version of the game’s soundtrack which I like but I’ve heard it a bunch in the two years it’s been out. This song somehow slipped through the cracks, it’s the only one with vocals which may have originally been what was off about it being used to just instrumental stuff. After kind of randomly hearing it late in January I quickly forgot everything I had against it.

Once again none of the top artists had songs that made the top five so I’ll list the top track for each of my top artist for funzies.

Arctic Monkeys – Cornerstone, 11 plays. 13th most played track last month, the top Arctic Monkeys song like it was last month.

Jeff Williams – Mirror Mirror part II, 8 plays. 32nd most played track last month.

In Flames – The Chosen Pessimist, 8 plays. 32nd most played track last month.

Ghost – He Is, 13 plays. 8th most played track last month.

Royal Republic – Here I Come (There You Go), 13 plays. 8th most played track last month.

Other cool stuff

I had eight days last month that I listened to at least 100 songs which is almost every three days. I also thought of including a short list of song suggestions on this post but I might end up making a suggestion post later, we’ll see. You probably also noticed the image in the post, it’s from Royal Republic’s gig, I’m thinking of slapping a random picture I’ve taken in the given month to go along with the monthly post, don’t expect it to be music related too often, and who knows I might even forget to do it altogether, only time will tell.


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