Ghost, smooth and sweet Swedish metal

I’m a huge fan of Swedish music and metal so it’s no wonder that I love Ghost (Ghost B.C in America). Self-described as a mix of pop music and death metal, their songs are satanic and very melody-driven, and include some of the smoothest vocals in music. In 2016 they won a Grammy for the best metal performance with this music video.

I first recall hearing of them in 2015 while in America from a friend if mine who was one of the few people there who liked metal. I didn’t really start listening to them actively until July of last year, though. The band has been wildly successful lately and are performing in Helsinki in two months, I’m currently trying to figure out the best way to attend the concert after being especially addicted to them in the last two months.

Back to their music, the reason I love them so much isn’t the message they convey or their lyrics, although their message isn’t actually satanic, but instead their sound. I can’t quite figure out how to describe their sound other than hymn-esque and grand, eerie at times, too. I mentioned the smooth vocals already but what I didn’t mention is my obsession with them, for me that’s what truly lifts Ghost above so many of my favorite bands. I could listen to them all day and not feel one bit guilty about the lack of variety.

I’ll end this by linking my top three Ghost songs. I can’t think of a better way to rank them by than number of times I’ve played them on Spotify so if you’re curious about how I came to this order, there you have it.

1. He Is

2. Square Hammer

3. Monstrance Clock


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