Jimmy Eat World – The Middle, and why I like it

First of all if you haven’t heard this song before, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

Now that we’re all familiar with this masterpiece, why don’t I go ahead and explain just why I like this song so much.

Being a rock-loving kid who’s not exactly a social butterfly, this song has everything I could ask for. Catchy melody and great lyrics. When I say great lyrics I mean these might be my favorite song lyrics, at least in recent memory. For example:

You know they’re all the same
You know you’re doing better on your own so don’t buy in
Live right now
Just be yourself
It doesn’t matter if that’s good enough for someone else

As someone who tries to preach people about not caring what others think, and to do so myself, these lyrics give some perspective on how one should view life. Rather than focusing on what other people think of you you should just do whatever makes you happy. Now put that message on a track with an upbeat feel, catchy chorus and a pretty sweet guitar solo and the final product is 2 minutes and 48 seconds of amazingness. I don’t have a top whatever list of my favorite songs but if I did this would be on it.

Here’s further proof of Jimmy Eat World’s superior songwriting in the form of a lyrics card.


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