I’ve been thinking about blogging about music for a while now and I think I’ve finally figured out a format that’s interesting for me. I’m going to write about discovering new songs, why I like certain songs/artists/albums, sharing playlists, and what I associate with music/certain songs, as well as how music affects my life. Probably some other things as well. It probably sounds really vague right now but hopefully a few posts later you’ll get what I mean.

Who am I?

Chances are that you already know me through something if you’re reading this, let’s say, within a month of posting this. Now, assuming you know nothing about me: I’m a Finnish guy who loves music, I like a very broad range of genres so chances are you’ll find something you like here. Other random facts about me: obsessed with ice hockey, ex-exchange student, carries a Frisbee almost anywhere, bowled a 198 with sheer luck (I can only assume)Some of my favorite artists include Arctic monkeys, Anti-flag, in flames and Royal Republic. You’ll definitely see me write about those but I won’t shove any of those down your throats.

Wait, you’re Finnish so why is this in English?

To reach a broader audience, simple. Most of my Finnish friends know English but none of my friends who natively speak English know Finnish. I’ll also get to practice writing in English which I like anyway. I may end up writing posts in both English and Finnish but for now I’ll just go with the lingua franca.

Why should I care?

Who doesn’t love music? Like I said the focus is going to be on music, and getting music recommendations is like getting a present. Obviously this is the internet so if you don’t care about the music I’m talking about you can forget all about this and move on with your life.


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