Catching up

In January I came up with the idea of making a monthly summary of what I’ve listened to on Spotify in the last month and since I’m going to continue to do that here I figured why not copy and paste the summary for January here. It should also double as an example on what to expect, at least once a month. I’m guessing this was written on February 1st or 2nd.

It’s officially February and ever since coming up with this idea I’ve been anxiously waiting to get to analyze my listening habits. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that you have to link each device you use Spotify on individually before last weekend so it only tracked my mobile plays, luckily I mostly listen to music on mobile so aside from weekends this is still really accurate.

Total plays: 1,889, with an average of 60 per day – if you’re wondering how much that is in hours/days, I can’t give you exact numbers but tracks weekly numbers for that, and last week’s 453 plays added up to 26 hours, which would make 1,889 plays around 108 hours, or 4 days and 12-ish hours.

Artists: Out of the 363 different bands I listened to, here are the top 5 with the number of plays next to them.

1. Arctic Monkeys 87

2. Jeff Williams 70

3. In Flames 53

4. Royal Republic 51

5. Muse 46

Sort of surprised to see Jeff Williams up there let alone in second. I guess it’s much like with Arctic Monkeys in that I just have so many different songs by him in my regular rotation that it goes unnoticed. I don’t tend to listen to that much Royal Republic either but since I’ll see them live this weekend I’ve been learning some lyrics.

Songs: I listened to 693 different tracks, which means on average 2.7 plays for each track, but here’s the top 5, along with an explanation.

1. Ryan Gosling – City Of Stars, 18 plays. Saw La La Land last week and had to keep listening to the soundtrack, this song is less than 2 minutes long and it simply isn’t possible to get enough of the track without hearing it at least twice in a row.

2. Neck Deep – December, 16 plays. This is a pretty big surprise to me, I played this basically on repeat in October/November and I guess I must’ve never stopped doing that.

2. Slipknot – Wait and Bleed, 16 plays. Another song which is super short (2:27), I kinda just got addicted to it for a few days after hearing it on random and played it 10 times in five days.

4. Ghost – He Is, 15 plays. I’ve been on a ghost kick lately (it just missed the top 5 artists) and this song was the gateway drug for me. They’re visiting Finland in late April and some tickets are still left, though I’m broke I’m still thinking about going.

4. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here, 15 plays. Another surprise, I had to think for a good while before realizing that this is pretty much my go to song while walking the dog. It’s really calming to walk in the darkness when this is the only thing you can hear and it’ll stay dark for another couple months here so I’ll keep rocking this.

I think it’s pretty interesting that none of my most listened to artists had a song in the top 5 songs, in fact I’m so fascinated by it that I’ll check how their top song ranked.

Arctic Monkeys – Cornerstone, 13 plays. “Ranked” 6th out of all songs

Jeff Williams – R.W.B.Y vs F.N.K.I, 11 plays. 9th

In Flames – Fear us the weakness, 7 plays. 42nd

Royal Republic – Cry Baby Cry, 9 plays. 19th

Muse – Aftermath, 10 plays. 13th

Other notable stuff: January 1st I listened to 175 songs which is almost three times more than my daily average, I DJ’d for the morning of our new year’s party so I’ll credit that for most of those plays. On the other hand on the weekends I barely listened to anything on mobile and on a certain Saturday I listened to a round 0 songs which tracked, and on another Sunday only 1. In the end I think those just about average each other out.


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